Year 2 Author Spotlight project

Date: 26th May 2017 @ 1:01pm

For this term, Year 2’s Author Spotlight project will be on probably the most famous childrens author of all time Roald Dahl. Children of Year 2 age always love listening to Dahl's many stories and revolting rhymes. His poems and stories are widely available to borrow from the library.

The aim is for your child to enjoy at least six of these books  from now until the summer holidays. This can be in the form of your child reading to you, or you reading one of the texts to your child as a bedtime story. When they have finished one of these books your child should write a book review and bring it in to school so I can display these around the classroom in our book corner. I have placed an example copy of a book review as a link below. Although feel free to present the book reviews in a more creative and inspirational format! 

Alternatively your child might choose to do something other than a book review. This could include ideas such as a character desciption, alternative endind to the story, poster to advertise the book, a blurb for the book, a diary or letter from one of the characters. Be creative and imaginative!!

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